Unpaid Modelling Jobs


Ok- why might YOU be interested in an unpaid job?  

Trade for Pictures-  Yes, we sometimes do this.  The project has to benefit us as well.  If we don't NEED to do any trade work at the time you contact us, we MIGHT still be willing to negotiate waiving out artists fee and do the job for a material fee only.  This is usually around $75.  We usually charge $250 for a half day design, so this is still a great deal if you are needing a project reasonably.

Night Clubs-  From time to time we paint in nightclubs and in these settings you can volunteer to be a model.  It's a chance to show off, flirt, have fun and get an amazing piece of art on the body you work hard for.

If either of these options is what you are looking for... Be sure to read the Model FAQs and then check out the Comp Modeling Application, and send it along with your contact information, and a (Non-Nude) snap shot that gives us some idea of your look and overall body type.