Paid Modeling Jobs


Typically we TRY to negotiate a rate for our models of $10 / hour for the standing around getting painted time, and $35/Hr of posing, or demo time- This would be for events such as trade shows or conventions where you would be handing out literature, or playing a role afterward.  

If it is an Exhibition Painting, where you and I are onstage the entire time, it is usually about $40/ Hr for the entire duration.  These prices vary and ARE negotiable.  We also sometimes hire an alternate or two who is paid $10 and hour to act as an assistant, in the event the model does not show or is late, you may be invited to step into the model role at their rate of pay.  We do NOT do nudes, but clothing is sometimes minimal. 

Please read the Model FAQ's, and if you are interested, Click Here for a Word Document Application  or Here for PDF. These are real jobs which means A- you have to be legal to work, B- you have to be willing to commit, C-you have to be professional and D- you must provide us real contact information.