Halloween And Conventions


Halloween, as you can imagine, is a premium time.  We don't really upcharge for those dates HOWEVER one thing we do insist upon is that all appointments are made with the following understandings and with your agreement:

For 7 days before halloween and the weekend afterward, you must pre-book and prepay for all appointments in full a minimum of 14 days in advance. NOTHING is booked until paid for.  Once paid for, there are no refunds for any reasons. You need to be ON TIME for your appointment.  If you are late, we cannot gaurantee there will be time to squeeze you in, and if we do, it may be for less of a design or a simplified version of what we originally discuss.  There are no refunds if you are late.

The same rules apply for events such as Star Wars Celebration, Megacon, Anime Conventions, Spooky Empire and so on....


Zombie Makeover 1-  Our basic Zombie Makeover is an airbrush paint only design using water/sweat resistant Graftobian Hybrid  or Temptu Paints that easily wash off with soar/water  or alcohol.  Takes about 15-20 minutes. Includes Face, Neck, back of hands and 2 inches up the wrist.  $35 single  or $60 couple $85 for Trio   Add $10 per person if they are bald and want head painted.

Zombie Makeover 2-

Uses On Skin curing SIlicone to create a one of a kind prosthetic.  Includes torn flesh, blood, exposed teeth or bones. Airbrush and hand makeup on majority of face, neck, back of hands and 2 inches up the wrist.  Silicone used mainly around mouth, side of face or mouth to create 3 D scars or ripped away areas.  Takes about 45 minutes per person. $90.  IF carefully removed and taken care of, the prosthetic parts MAY be reused more than once- but this depends upon you.

Half Body Paint.... Top half front and back including face- $200   Done with all paint via airbrush and hand..  Add $50 to include face and hand silicone 3D effects.  Add $50 if you want this done with Temptu paints for better longevity.  Can be done as zombie with shrunken rib cage or  other types of designs- fantasy, fun, funny or sexy.  Takes about 3 hours.

Quarter Body... Front or Back... $150  Done with all paint via airbrush and hand..   Add $50 if you want this done with Temptu paints for better longevity.  Fantasy, scary, fun, funny or sexy.  Takes about 2 hours.

Full body paint using water-based FDA approved face and body paints applied by hand and airbrush- with or without face painted- $275 Takes 4- 6 hours depending on level of detail.  Add $75 if you want longer lasting more water resistant temporary tattoo paint. You WILL need to clipper trim or shave body hair if you want this to look nice.